To schedule a tour of Destiny Academy, please contact our Administrative Coordinator,
770-509-9010 ext. 100.


Monday - Friday
Before Care: 7:00-8:30am
School: 8:30am-3:00pm
After Care: 3:00-6:00pm


Destiny Academy follows the NAEYC standards for ratios, which is lower than state requirements.  For our Preschool program, the ratio in K3 is 1:11 and in K4 is 1:13.


K2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Wide 
K3 Lead Teachers

Ms. Smith
K4 Lead Teachers

Mrs. Kier
Preschool Group Lead
K5 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Kier
Preschool Group Lead
1st Lead Teacher

STEM: Mr. Hamm 




Sense of Self
Shows ability to adjust to new situations
Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults
Recognizes own feelings and manages them appropriately
Stands up for rights

Responsibility for Self and Others
Demonstrates self-direction and independence
Takes responsibility for own well-being
Respects and cares for classroom environment and materials
Follows classroom routines
Follows classroom rules

Pro-social Behavior
Plays well with other children
Recognizes the feelings of others and responds appropriately
Shares and respects the rights of others
Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts

Gross Motor Skills
Demonstrates basic loco-motor skills, such as running,
jumping, hopping, and galloping
Shows balance while moving
Climbs up and down
Pedals and steers a tricycle or other wheeled vehicle
Demonstrates throwing, kicking, and catching skills

Fine Motor Skills
Controls small muscles in hands
Coordinates eye-hand movement
Uses tools for writing and drawing

Learning and Problem Solving
Observes objects and events with curiosity
Approaches problems flexibly
Shows persistence in approaching tasks
Explores cause and effect
Applies knowledge or experience to a new context

Logical Thinking
Classifies objects
Arranges objects in a series
Recognizes patterns and can repeat them
Shows awareness of time and concepts of sequence
Shows awareness of position in space
Uses one-to-one correspondence
Uses numbers and counting

Representation and Symbolic Thinking
Takes on pretend roles and situations
Makes believe with objects
Makes and interprets representations

Listening and Speaking
Hears and discriminates the sounds of language
Expresses self using words and expanded sentences
Understands and follows oral directions
Answers questions
Asks questions
Actively participates in conversations

Reading and Writing
Enjoys and values reading
Demonstrates understanding of print concepts
Demonstrates knowledge of alphabet
Uses emerging reading skills to make meaning from print
Comprehends and interprets meaning from books and other texts
Understands the purpose of writing
Writes letters and words


Our Preschool Program successfully utilizes The Creative Curriculum to enhance the quality of early childhood instruction through practical, innovative, and develop mentally appropriate curriculum and assessment materials, training services and materials,and parenting resources. To learn more about The Creative Curriculum, please visit them at http://www.creativecurriculum.net.

Our Preschool Program also incorporates the A Beka curriculum for an emphasis on Bible, Phonics and Mathematics. A Beka has a proven track record of language arts success! To learn more about A Beka, please visit them at http://www.abeka.com.

Special Courses

All Preschool students participate in Spanish, Music, Dance, Drama, and Technology Lab with content area teachers.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $100 (Waived AUGUST 1, 2018)
 Registration Fee: $250

K2 Tuition: $800/month 

K3 Tuition: $750/month

 K4 Tuition: $650/month


What’s included?

Breakfast, 2 Snacks, Lunch, Curriculum, and Care from 7:00am-6:00pm. All Preschool students also attend Spanish, Music, Dance, Drama, and Technology Lab with content area instructors.